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The DMX Max Mania not only features DMX Max, our engineered cushioning system that moves air from heel to toe as you walk for “cloud-like” comfort , but also comes with width sizing so everyone can have the optimal fit for their foot.
Overall rating 
5 / 5
5 / 5
PostedJune 8, 2013
fromSouth Windsor, CT
Age:over 55
Did you receive the product as a free sample:No
Frequency:frequent walker (3-5x/wk)
Distance:1-2 miles
Feels Full Size Too Small
True to size
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True to size
Extremely comfortable
Extremely Comfortable
Extremely comfortable
Below Expectations
Exceeded expectations
Exceeded Expectations
Exceeded expectations
The softest sneaker on the market...
I am a big Reebok fan and been using there walking footwear since the early 90's when they first came out with the DMX technology or moving air cushion
If your looking for a comfortable sneaker, these are the ones. This is the softest sneaker on the market in my opinion, so if you have feet problems, these will give you a nice cushion and a slight lift or propel to your walk without effort. This is Reebok's 3rd or 4th generation walking sneaker using DMX, originally it was called Reebok Walk DMX, Crosstown DMX and many more over the decades. They change the names around to get fancy over the years, but they still same footprint as shown in the photo and has been for I believe the last 7+ years. I love these sneakers so much I own at the moment 18 of them just in case they change the footprint down the road. If it works RB, don't mess with it.
My wife thinks I'm nuts with Reebok sneakers and how many I have--I'll put it this way, I probably don't need sneakers for the rest of my life. Also, Reebok owns Rockport shoes and using DMX technology in a few type of work shoes like the Rockport World Tour Elite Encounter and I love them with DMX. If your looking for a nice work shoe that's not fancy with shiny leather, this is it-- only thing I can wear.
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