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The DMX Max Mania not only features DMX Max, our engineered cushioning system that moves air from heel to toe as you walk for “cloud-like” comfort , but also comes with width sizing so everyone can have the optimal fit for their foot.
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4 / 5
4 / 5
PostedJuly 1, 2012
fromSan Francisco
Runs Tight
Runs Wide
My ninth pair of DMX Max shoes!
I've bought nine pairs of DMX-Max shoes. The moving air cushion is amazing: it feels as if these shoes do half the walking for me! They were my go-to shoes in college marching band, they were my "commuting" shoes to work, and when I worked in retail, they saved my feet and my back. Wearing these shoes is like walking on clouds.
While mostly black, they have some "sneaker" touches which keep them from being workplace-acceptable. I black out the reflective stripe with a black marker so they can pass for work shoes if nobody looks too closely. Reebok could dominate the nursing and retail-worker markets with DMX if they would make the shoes a little more boring. If you are on your feet all day, these are wonderful shoes. I'd pay $200 for a pair of leather oxfords that had DMX in the sole.
It's worth noting that the best DMX shoes have moving air AND a removable foam sock liner. Some of the cheaper DMX models have just foam and that's a letdown.
Because the moving air cushion is so helpful and so important to the feel of these shoes, it's important to watch out for sharp glass and thumbtacks. Of the nine pairs I've owned, I've worn out the tread on five, lost two to thumbtacks/nails, and the other two pairs are going strong.
Please don't ever discontinue DMX Max.
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