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    September 3, 2013
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    September 3, 2013
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The ATV19+ brings cushioned outriggers, an irregular lug pattern and a banked feel for earth-shaking traction and high speed stability.
Overall rating 
5 / 5
5 / 5
PostedSeptember 3, 2013
fromLewiston, ID, USA
Did you receive the product as a free sample:No
Frequency:recreational runner (1-2x/wk)
Distance:1-4 miles
Feels Full Size Too Small
True to size
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True to size
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Slightly exceeded expectations
Great shoe need options for big guys.
I really like this shoe; I was a bit skeptical at first. I have to say I am a big guy I am 6’ 250 weight lifter, so from my perspective I would really like to see some wide fit options. I wear an 11 in a 3E; I like the shoe enough that I would even pay extra to get the extra width. That would make it perfect fit for me. All of my issues with the ATV 19+ is due to width/fit. This is something I am just used to. With that said, I have recommended the ATV 19+ shoe to many people especially the ones that are looking at running the next obstacle race with me.
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