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    February 23, 2013
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    February 23, 2013
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A minimalist pant with a skinny look to inspire your inner rock star. Enjoy the benefits of a tight rolled into this contemporary, versatile design.
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5 / 5
PostedFebruary 23, 2013
fromOcean, NJ, USA
How often do you practice Yoga:avid - (6+x/wk)
How long have you been practicing Yoga:more than 3 years
Are you a Yoga instructor:Yes
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I saw these pants and they were exactly what I was looking for! I get a little uncomfortable in the usual super tight yoga leggings (that EVERYONE wears) during some days of the month and didn't want to wear sweatpants. These are perfect! I ordered a M, because I am 5' 8" and about 145 lbs. They are a little loose in the butt, but not baggie. The bottom around the ankle are looser in person than on the model. They are great when you pull up on the bottom and they stay up as a capri (bunched up, but not uncomfortable). I think when I order the grey pair, I will order the Small. Now I have more options! I LOVE the french terry fabric! Soft, won't stretch out and are slimming!! I got so many compliments from my students! Yes! Keep the yoga clothes coming, Reebok! NAMASTE'
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