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    May 21, 2013
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The DMX Max Mania not only features DMX Max, our engineered cushioning system that moves air from heel to toe as you walk for “cloud-like” comfort , but also comes with width sizing so everyone can have the optimal fit for their foot.
Overall rating 
5 / 5
5 / 5
PostedMay 21, 2013
fromDeltona, FL, USA
Did you receive the product as a free sample:No
Frequency:frequent walker (3-5x/wk)
Distance:1-2 miles
Feels Full Size Too Small
True to size
Feels Full Size Too Big
True to size
Runs Narrow
Runs slightly wide
Runs Wide
Runs slightly wide
Extremely comfortable
Extremely Comfortable
Extremely comfortable
Below Expectations
Exceeded expectations
Exceeded Expectations
Exceeded expectations
Outstanding Product Design
Bought specifically for my job which keeps me on my feet 9 hrs a day. The DMX Max Mania sneakers have the most comfortable, contoured, and cushioned insoles of any athletic shoe I have ever owned. I love the innovative rounded ball and heel feature on the bottom of the sole. It definitely aids in shock absorption, alleviating the chronic swelling and pain that I endured prior to finding these amazing shoes. The only downside to this shoe is that it is rather wide and bulky- aesthetically speaking, it is neither attractive nor flattering. Still, I'd gladly trade that for comfort!
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