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In sports, impacts are a part of the game. CHECKLIGHT™ alerts athletes, coaches, athletic trainers and parents to the severity of impacts.
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5 / 5
PostedAugust 18, 2013
fromAtlanta, GA, USA
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Piece of mind protection for a parent!
My 9YO son had a concussion last year playing Jr Football while playing linebacker in the 2nd game of the season. We pulled him out for the season after this concussion due to the severity. Since then, I have been reading and meeting with concussion specialists about pediatric concussions in sports. For parents wondering what they can do to protect their children in sports, there is no magic bullet to fully, 100% protect your kids in contact sports. But with education on the subject, and information on different products available, you can make a good decision of how to protect your child as best as possible with the technology available today. Since then, I have become a USA Football Certified Coach in tackle and flag, and a USA Football Player Safety Coach (PSC). I am currently an Assistant Coach for 4th grade football in my local area as well as the PSC for two teams within the league.
I have read many articles about this product and felt it is another tool in my toolbox to help protect my son. I have been awaiting Reebok and MC10 to release this product to add to my son's arsenal of protection this year for football as well as lacrosse. We ordered it the day it was released and received it a short time after. The fit for the skullcap was perfect, true to the sizing chart. Make sure you use a cloth tape and measure your child's or your own head to obtain a perfect fit. The electronics seem well put together and function as written in the instructions. There are various forms of instruction that come in the box, a quick start card, a folded, more detailed sheet and a full book that goes into full detail of the Checklight and its functions.
Since receiving it, we have charged it up and used this at multiple practices and just this weekend, our season Jamboree which had two 1/2 hour scrimmages. My son plays Linebacker on D and is a Guard and Halfback on O. He had multiple hits on linebacker and one was a hard one, similar to the one that took him out last season. In the huddle I checked the Checklight and all read green. I asked if he was OK after the hit and he was fine. I also asked some basic concussion test questions and he passed with flying colors. It was easy to read the Checklight as it has a blinking green light that hangs under the back of his helmet. If there has been a blow, it can register as a yellow or red light. If yellow, assess the player with a concussion test. If red, he needs to be pulled out of the game and be concussion checked and possibly a follow up by medical professional.
Again, the Checklight is not going to protect you or your child from a concussion. It’s a tool to allow a referee, coach or Player Safety Coach make a quick review of a player’s condition after a hit. In my opinion, it’s a great tool to be able to review a player’s status on the field in any contact sport and possibility catch a first concussion before it becomes multiple concussions in one game or practice.
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