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A lightweight trainer that delivers the essentials, the Reebok ONE Trainer 1.0 comes equipped with a breathable upper, durable heel strike, and a soft, cushioning sockliner.
Overall ratingĀ 
3 / 5
3 / 5
PostedOctober 5, 2013
Did you receive the product as a free sample:No
Training Purpose:stay in shape
Frequency:6+ times per week
Feels Full Size Too Small
Feels half size too big
Feels Full Size Too Big
Feels half size too big
Runs Narrow
Runs slightly narrow
Runs Wide
Runs slightly narrow
Extremely Comfortable
Below Expectations
Below Expectations
Exceeded Expectations
Below Expectations
Built Reebok Tough?
About 2 months ago I bought a pair of Reebok One Trainer's from a Reebok outlet in Branson, MO. I only use these shoes to work out in a couple times a week and I was pleasantly surprised during my first couple of uses. I'd been wanting a pair of CF shoes for a little while, and these were a little more affordable than the CF labeled trainers. They're comfortable, fit well, and are great for running and/or jumping. My only quandary is that trying to move laterally in this guys is a little dangerous...let me explain:
During the first workout that I had done that included lateral movements, one of the lace loops toward the top of the left shoe popped and I almost turned my ankle. I was a real fan of these shoes, but, now, only 2 months after buying them, they're just sitting in my closet... This might be just one of those freak cases.
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