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 Ex-O-Fit Hi
Ex-O-Fit Hi
Cool and iconic, the Ex-O-Fit Clean Logo features a supportive synthetic upper and a shock absorbing midsole for a lasting shoe with timeless style.
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5 / 5
5 / 5
PostedMay 16, 2013
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I used to wear these like they were going out of style and at a time that I was on my feet upstairs/downstairs run, skip, hopping around and all along many streets or neighborhoods from 7am to 7pm five and six days a week for more than a few years! For the most part, I miss their comfort very much. I, however, do not miss their thin (too thin) outer leather layer as my big toe used to break through too soon and sometimes on the outer edge where little toe meets w/ball of foot....I do like the oneness around the front foot area very much and especially enjoyed the air holes where they are...don't know if you could reinforce the front foot area as you have in the back heel to ankle area without losing some of it's dynamic look and stylish appeal there....I also would like to say that I really enjoyed the ankle support...not too much or too little -just right for being active as I was in them...I have/had hurt an ankle prior to ever trying these shoes on and with all my footwork usually on hard surfaces it was a welcoming support -they did get a little hot at times in this ankle area but not enough to find too much discomfort because of it...I usually would just take them off or loosen them up for a short time and then back to the grind Silly as it may be they also reminded me of having being active in my ski boots or in corrective shoes as a youngster...yet, without the stringent support in either of those -My feet felt like they were in the best hug hold ever. Personally, I like them in white and no other color -especially something bright Might be daring and fun I reckon but would wear out it's appeal and welcome real fast on me anyway-could handle them in navy blue, tan, dark brown and maybe an olive or other softer green and even blue and or pink I guess...but white will always remain where it is at...They also flatter the legs in my opinion even with the boot tan when their off:) Overall...they are a cannot go wrong type of shoe or have been for my feet, requirements, and lifestyle plus tastes. Thank you Reebox for supporting my once upon a time adventures! P.S. I'm not as active but would welcome the support hug at this time of life and as I age into retirement as well...I like feeling sturdy/secure on my feet and in my footwear which these do offer!
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