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 Freestyle Hi - Alicia Keys
Freestyle Hi - Alicia Keys
A one-of-a-kind leather shoe with "broken heart" graphics.
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4 / 5
4 / 5
PostedMarch 21, 2013
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THE Rock and Roll Uniform
First of all I am a man. Luckily my feet are small enough to fit the largest women's size. Why not the male version (does it still exist - can't find it)? Because the women's ones are lighter and therefore I can move faster. I don't wear them casually but for dancing. (search the Internet for "Acrobatic Rock and Roll" to get the idea) - within our scene these shoes have become sort of a uniform. And for good reasons: Lightweight, feels totally comfortable, easy to bend after a short while of usage but still stable enough. Although the shoe is quite thin there is some kind of shock absorption (as a man I don't really care but for the girls landing from a few meters on the ground this is essential).
However, here is the downside: they don't really last too long - latest after a year or so I have to cover certain parts with tape; would be an improvement if the leather part where the pieces are glued together would be a a tiny bit stronger.
Nevertheless, I love them and recommend them to every dancer.
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