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 RealFlex Transition 4.0 - Youth
RealFlex Transition 4.0 - Youth
The dual-gender RealFlex Transition 4.0 features a RealFlex outsole with individual flex nodes, so kids can flex their feet freely as they run, jump and stretch.
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4 / 5
4 / 5
PostedSeptember 8, 2013
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I recently bought a pair of real flex sneakers with the 3D fuse frame for my 11 year old son. They are a very light grey with red soles. The red has bled into the grey turning it pink. Not what I expected from a brand like Reebok. I would also like to add that he did not get them wet. He attends a school with a strict dress code policy and it is hard enough to find plain sneakers that fit the criteria then to have to possibly buy a new pair because of a product quality control issue. I would think this would have been tested at some point. People don't expect to buy a product, especially sneakers, and have the colors bleed into each other.
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