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    August 26, 2013
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This lifting shoe is one of the lightest in its class. In the Reebok CrossFit Lifter Plus, we have eliminated the midsole and have added an engineered TPU heel for stability on heavy lifting days. The new Lifter features our stiffest platform, U-form+ technology for the perfect custom fit, and a dual velcro strap to keep you locked on the platform. So whether you are going for your max clean or mixing it up with double unders, the Lifter Plus will be ready to go.
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5 / 5
PostedAugust 26, 2013
fromBakersfield, CA, USA
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Wonderful Lifting Shoes!
Today was my first time lifting in my new Crossfit Lifter Plus shoes, and all I can say is WOW! I started Crossfit in February 2013 with some Nike running shoes, and ordered a pair of custom Nano 2.0 in May, which made a difference with the minimal sole on them. Today's WOD was back squats, followed by a METCON of 5 rounds for time of 10 Double Unders, 10 push-ups, and 10 sit-ups. During the back squats my feet were locked! Virtually no lateral movement in my feet what-so-ever! If you've never had OLY shoes before like me, and put these on for the first time, you'll be amazed at the rock solid foundation feeling you get from these shoes. In any other shoe, even my Nano 2.0, theres some movement in the ankles, which transfers to the legs, then the back, and all the way up. That transfer of instability forces your body to use other muscles to stabalize your lift to continue through the workout. Once these shoes are on your feet, that's it!! Since virtually all movement in the feet is removed, this concentrates all lifting exercises to isolate, and target, your legs, and your legs only! What does this mean? It means that your working the exact muscles your supposed to be working. Your body can now concentrate on proper form, rather than compensating for a sloppy foundation. If your wondering about my METCON they were fine for that too! My feet felt fine after my double unders. I wasn't sure how they would feel, but they were fine. I haven't tried them on box jumps, lunges, or anything else. Like I said today was my first day trying them out. If your looking to improve your Crossfit workouts like I am, and haven't bought a pair of lifting shoes yet, I recommend these! They have a solid platform, but yet are comfortable to wear around the box during your other workouts! They give your feet the solid platform they need to properly perform the workout movements. I haven't tried them on OHS, but I'm hoping I'll improve my form there also! My only complaint so far is the strap near the front of the shoes. Reebok needs to place velcro all the way down the side of the shoe so when the strap is sinched tight, the strap doesn't stick out the side of the shoe. The top strap is designed like this, and when its sinched down it fits snug against the shoe. Another reviewer said the same thing, and I decided to purchase them anyways. Not really a big deal, or deal breaker, for me, but would add to the overall clean look of the shoes.
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